İş İngilizcesi Kursları

If you would like to establish international contacts, take a course in Business English with us at YEK Academy.

Through the course:

  • Improve your writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills.
  • You will work on the themes and linguistic structures required for doing business.
  • You will learn business language vocabulary and conduct business meetings and talks in English
  • “Improve your presentation skills”
  • “You will participate in various business role and situation games”

We offer:

  • A communicative approach to learning
  • Content from various business publications
  • Video and audio materials and business cases
  • Small study groups (4-6 trainees) 🗣💬
  • “Problem Based Learning”
  • Roleplays

Exercise twice a week (4 hours a week)

16 hours a month.